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I am so excited to be sharing this special treat with you (literally)!

Landon and I went to Napa Valley for my first time. We had very high expectations for restaurants since of course, he’s a Chef and I have always been into trying new restaurants! To be honest, we were not really finding much luck on the “good food, good vibe” train until we came across Solbar which was recommended to us from some locals in the area. We needed up trying Solbar on our very last night in Calistoga and it was one of our most favorite dining experiences to date!

They started us out with an amuse that was so simple yet so delicious. This is any tomato lovers favorite. It was so light and so fresh, we could have eaten 10 each!

We chose shrimp cocktail as a starter. This is a typical favorite of ours and when we do choose to have a starter at dinner. It was perfectly cooked and the cocktail sauce  had the perfect amount of spice. It totally hit the spot leading to the best part, entrees.

Entrees- we both actually chose the same exact thing.. :)


kennebec potato rosti, pickled chanterelles, cream of baby spinach, black truffle fondue, grilled local porcini mushrooms

You guys.. this was so good! That black truffle fondue was amazing. Steak was cooked to perfection, and that potato was so nice and crispy. We both absolutely loved our dish!

Our server asked if we wanted dessert and we really did, and really thought about it, but we just couldn’t. We had just eaten all of this amazing food and we were so stuffed. Moments later she came back with a little desert to share - talk about special service! This dessert wasn’t even on their menu but they brought it out just for us! A lovely moist lemon cake with freshly sweet strawberries topped with curd. SO good.

I not only wanted to touch on the food aspect of our experience, but wanted to mention our server, and other staff that helped us. They are the ones who truly make a well rounded, great dining experience for the guest. We were treated like royalty but each one of the employees who touched our table - before we even sat down at our table we were recieving great service! I am always so thankful for those who go above and beyond for the guest in their chair. They have no idea how impactful they are - or maybe they do? <3

If you are ever in the Calistoga area, stop by Solbar to have your own wonderful dining experience!



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