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What I Love About Sunday

What I Love About Sunday


I’m pretty sure that Sunday’s are my favorite day of the week - they just make me so happy. Typically, Sunday’s are my Saturdays so maybe that’s why? Sunday’s are calm, intentional, relaxing and are typically spent with my babe, or sometimes by myself. There is something about strolling around on a Sunday that feels different from any other day of the week. I truly feel like Sunday’s feel different from all days! Have I said the word Sunday enough in this post yet? Below are things that I love to do on Sunday’s!

• Hangout around the house and not put an ounce of makeup on

• Have lunch with Landon at a new, or favorite restaurant

• Spend time with my parents or Landon’s parents

• Go shopping!

• Football Sunday’s during football season!

• Clean the house. It actually feels good to get life back together after a hectic week!

This jumpsuit is so soft! It is perfect for lounging around on a Sunday afternoon! This is a charcoal grey jumpsuit and is true to size from Old Navy.



Arizona Girl, Living in a Desert World

Arizona Girl, Living in a Desert World

Best Tanning Mousse Ever!

Best Tanning Mousse Ever!