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Arizona Girl, Living in a Desert World

Arizona Girl, Living in a Desert World


Anyone else here an Arizona native?!

I am an Arizona girl through and through - Phoenix native. Go Cardinals ( fingers crossed for a better season this fall). I take so much pride in growing up here and it’s crazy to see all of the cities changes.

Arizona is so diverse. You have the city, suburbs that are booming, and can drive a few hours to be in the mountains where it’s cold and snowing. This land is just so beautiful and I am so glad to call it home.

I meet a lot of people throughout the week - A LOT, and it seems to be that there are more transplants here then there are natives. Meeting so many people who are not from Arizona, makes me appreciate it even more by there fascination of what we have. It makes my heart smile when I hear others comment about how we have cactus here, when it’s not even a second thought to us here in the valley.

Sometimes I stop and think, wow, we live in the Sonoran Desert - ha! That sounds like such a crazy thing if I didn’t know any better. I much rather being in 110 degree weather then 50ndegreees. I have maybe seen snow 2-3 times before, so the heat is my jam! I truly believe that we live in such a unique place that has so much to offer.

Cheers to State 48!

This cute cactus mural is in Old Town Scottsdale by Farm to Craft!





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